The Kingfisher SMART Pensions Calculator

The calculator below can be used to show how you can increase your take home (Net) pay by making your pension contributions via SMART. The savings you make are a result of paying less NI contributions and can add up to a significant amount over a year.

Calculate Your SMART Pension Savings

Slide the bar below to set your contribution rate, and show how much your employer will also contribute

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Participating in the Kingfisher SMART pension scheme contributing % of your basic pay, a combined contribution of would be paid into your pension and your take home pay would rise by per year.

Your Contribution & Salary Details

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The information in this calculator is based on our current interpretation of the law and tax rates, which may change in the future. The value of tax relief will depend on individual circumstances.
This calculator does not constitute any form of financial advice. If you need help or advice, we recommend that you consult an Independent Financial Adviser. You can find an Independent Financial Adviser at