Payslips & P60s


You will receive a pension payslip for your first pension payment, showing the amount of your monthly pension.

After that, you will only be sent a new monthly pension payslip if your pension amount after tax changes by more than £1 compared to the previous month. You will therefore only tend to receive further payslips if you have received a pension increase or your tax code has changed.

P60s for KPS-FS pensioners only

At the end of each tax year you will receive a P60 statement combined with your pension increase letter.  This can be expected around the end of March.

It will give you:

  • your pension increase for the next 12 months
  • your P60 for the tax year showing the pension you’ve received, your tax code and the tax paid or refunded

Your April Pension Payslip will be issued separately to you on or around the 6 April.