There are plenty of organisations out there that can provide general help and advice on pensions, retirement and financial matters, however the amount of information available can be overwhelming so you may find the links below useful.


This site provides full details of the State pension. You can also get help finding pension schemes that you have belonged to in the past through the Pension Tracing Service.

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The Money Advice Service

Money Advice Service is an independent advice organisation that can help you understand and manage your money better. It offers step-by-step guides to help you get to grips with your money.

All the main financial products, from bank accounts to savings, are explained in simple language and there are tools to help you plan and manage your finances.

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Money Box

The ‘Money Box’ programme on Radio 4 (broadcast on Saturdays at 12pm with a repeat on Sunday at 9pm and on Monday at 3pm) aims to help you make more of your money.

Past programmes (which can be downloaded as podcasts from the website) have looked at fuel bills and saving energy, the rising cost of car insurance and managing debt.

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