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The earliest age you are currently allowed to the claim your benefits from the Scheme is 55.

The only way you are allowed to take your benefits before this age is if you apply for early retirement due to incapacity and the Trustees approve your application.

No you are not currently able to take all of your benefits from either the money purchase or final salary section as a tax free lump sum.

The maximum amount of tax free lump sum you are currently allowed is 25% (or a quarter) of the value of your benefits. You may be able to take all your benefits as a one off taxable lump sum where a 25% will still be tax free but at the moment you must meet certain conditions.

More information can be found in the Retirement sections depending the type of member you are.

If you have left the Scheme click here.

If you are still an active member the Scheme click here.

Kingfisher Pension Scheme – Money Purchase


Kingfisher Pension Scheme – Final Salary.

This closed to all members on 30 June 2012.

SMART Pensions is an alternative way in which you can contribute to the KPS-MP. Most members will automatically start paying their contributions via SMART once they have been a member for more than 3 months.

For more information please refer to the SMART Pensions pages.

For some time now, the Government has been worried that many of us in the UK aren’t properly prepared for retirement and won’t have enough money to live on when we come to retire. So to help us, everyone in the UK who meets the eligibility criteria will be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme through work. This is called ‘Automatic Enrolment’. For more information see the Knowledge Centre.

To change the amount you contribute, you will need to complete and return the Change of Contribution Form to your payroll department.  If you need any assistance please contact Group Pensions on 0303 334 7080.

For more information about this please click here.

You will receive a leaver options letter from Legal & General after leaving the scheme. (Please allow up to 6 weeks).  This will confirm all the options available to you in terms of your Retirement Account.

More information can be found here.

Please note if you are 55 or above, you will be able to claim your benefits early, however if you are below this age you will not be able to settle your benefits.

Yes, you can carry on working and take your pension from either section of the Scheme.

If you would like further information and confirmation of the benefits payable to you please contact Kingfisher Group Pensions Team if you have final salary benefits and Legal & General if you have money purchase benefits only.

If you would like to update your address you can advise us by:

If you would like to update your beneficiary form you will need to complete a new Beneficiary form, and return it to Group Pensions Department.