Your Pocket Guide to Pensions


We’re to help and provide you with all the answers to questions you want to know. The workbooks below answers Frequently Asked Questions on pensions, tells you where to find out more – and provides helpful checklists for you to tick off. It’s divided into three colour-coded sections, with red being the most important and urgent. Every action you tick off will make for a better retirement.



Your Pocket Guide to Pensions leaflet

Life after retirement - Understand the basicsKPS-MP
The Kingfisher Pension Scheme – Money Purchase Section

The Kingfisher Pension Scheme – Final Salary Section

Linked KPS-FS and KPS-MP Pension
Benefits within both the Final Salary and Money Purchase sections of the Kingfisher Pension Scheme.

Net income
The amount you receive after tax.

Basic State Pension
The flat rate (not earnings related) state pension paid to all who have met the minimum NI contribution requirements, their spouses, subject to certain conditions, and widow(er)s.

Additional Pension or State Second Pension or SERPS
The earnings related element of the state pension scheme to enhance the basic state pension.

State Pension Age
The age from which your State Pension becomes payable.

Contracted-Out Scheme
Whilst a member of a contracted out pension scheme (like the Kingfisher Pension Scheme Final Salary section) in exchange for lower National Insurance contributions you give up part or all of it and receive extra pension from your occupational scheme or personal/stakeholder pension instead. While you’re a member of a contracted out pension scheme you don’t contribute to the Additional State Pension.