A Closer Look at Self-Select Funds

This page provides you a closer look at Self-Select Funds and the essential things you need to know if you choose to start investing your Retirement Account into one or more of the Self-Select Funds the Scheme offers.

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A Closer Look at Self Select Funds



A Closer Look at Self-Select Funds

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Understanding the BasicsKPS-MP
The Kingfisher Pension Scheme – Money Purchase Section

The Kingfisher Pension Scheme – Final Salary Section

Linked KPS-FS and KPS-MP Pension
Benefits within both the Final Salary and Money Purchase sections of the Kingfisher Pension Scheme.

Retirement Account
This is the fund account where your contributions are paid into each month and then invested.

Active Management
These are funds that selects stocks which are believed to beat the market expectations.

Passive Management
These are funds that are selected to deliver returns that are close to the overall market returns.

A name for shares or share-based investments.

Money Market Funds
Invest in short term money market instruments and fixed deposits.

Common name for Bonds that are issued by the British Government.

Loans to a government or company.

The risk of losing some or all of the money you originally invested or the profits you have made so far.

Index linked
Both interest and capital repayments which move in line with the price of goods as measured by the RPI.

Deposits with banks and building societies, governments and large corporations.