Changes in Circumstances

If your circumstances have changed, you can expand and collapse the relevant areas below to find out who and what you need to do notify of these changes.

If you have recently moved address we will need to know your new address. If we do not receive these details the Trustee may find it difficult to pay your benefits when they become due and also to be able to send you the latest communications.

Please contact Kingfisher Group Pensions Department providing your new address in writing, by email or by calling. Alternatively you can complete our Change of Address Form.

Please forward a copy of the legal documentation by email or post to Kingfisher Group Pensions Department. We will then be able to update your details for you.

It’s always a difficult time when someone close to you passes away. But it’s important you let us know if one of our members has passed away so we can make sure we pay any benefits due.

You may either confirm this to us by:

  • calling the Kingfisher Group Pensions Department on 0303 334 7080
  • emailing the Kingfisher Group Pensions Department at pensions@kingfisher.com
  • writing to the Kinfgisher Group Pensions Department at 3 Sheldon Square, Paddington, London, W2 6PX

When contacting the Kingfisher Group Pensions Departments, they may ask for confirmation of the member’s personal details.

It is important to fill in a Beneficiary form and keep it up to date so that the Trustee knows who you would like benefits paid to. The Trustee will take into account those you put on the form, but is not obliged to follow your wishes.

Please note the Trustee will not share this information with anyone, not even you. So if you are unsure who you have confirmed we recommend you complete a new Beneficiary Form.

KPS-FS Beneficiary Form