How to Join

You can join the Scheme from the first day of your employment and you will start contributing from the next available payroll.

All you have to do is print, complete and send a Joining Form back to us at the Kingfisher Group Pensions Department. You can either post the form back to the Kingfisher Group Pensions Department or scan and send it by email.

Below are some pointers to help you complete the form.

Ensure you complete as much of this section as you can. The highlighted areas shows you what information we require to process your application.

How to Join JF1

You must make sure you tick how much you would like to contribute otherwise we will not know how much you would like to contribute.

How to Join JF2

If you would like to pay AVCs on top of the contribution rates each month, as a fixed amount please complete this part. To find out more about AVCs please click here. Please note this section is not compulsory.

How to Join JF3

Once you have read the Declaration and Data Protection statements remember to sign and date the form.

How to Join JF4