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The Trustee has commenced communicating with members in a more timely, eco-friendly and cost efficient manner. The Trustee’s aim is to create a paperless communications system as a way of notifying members of Scheme information including details of Actuarial Valuations, Summary Funding Statements, Newsletters etc.

To allow the Trustee to send these e-communications please input your Unique ID and Date of Birth below.  (The Unique ID consists of 9 letters ending in a K, for example – XXXXXXXXK).  We need these details to verify who you are.  You will then be asked to enter your preferred email address to send these e-communications to.  You will also have the opportunity to provide your UK mobile number to send you text alerts.

Once you submit your email address it will be kept secure and only used for purposes relating to the Kingfisher Pension Scheme. Your email address may be used should we need to contact you in relation to your membership or for future communications regarding the Scheme.

If you have not been provided with an Unique ID, please email to confirm that you wish to receive e-communications.

If you have already registered your email via this site and you need to update your email address please click here.